Very genuine, sincere, and caring, on top of that, he has a deep understanding of human nature. Highly recommended.🌟

SooJin K., Co-founder of Integral Somatic Method, South Korea
I did a face AlFerasa reading session with Razvan and I was captured. He analysed my personality and pointed to my life challenges with weary accuracy. His accuracy is seeing the true you and pointing out your struggles and challenges is indescribable. It is closer to magic than science, which it is. Afterward, I studied with Razvan Alferasa foundation course. Since then Razvan was able to offer me private sessions. I strongly recommend Razvan for those seeking facial reading or learning AlFerasa. He offers his approach to AlFerasa colored with his meticulousness, kindness, and generosity. With my reading and teaching sessions, he insists on giving each second of the booked time and more, even if the main topics have already been covered.

Khalid A.M., general practitioner, Saudi Arabia
“Your face tells all.” I would never expect someone reading perfectionism, determination, attention to details or loyalty attributes from my face. Unless it's someone that knows me very well. I wouldn’t expect it, until yesterday.

I had an amazing session with Razvan Rudeanu on Physiognomy Interpretation 🙏🥰❤ He looked at my face and read from it like from an open book 📖 I was amazed by the accuracy of the interpretation. I didn’t know that so many past and present behaviors and beliefs appear on the face.

The shape of the nose, size of the irises, the texture of the skin can indicate enormous amounts of information about our way of being. When verbalized it becomes a treasure box for us and we can do anything we want with it. We can either transform it if it’s something that doesn’t serve us or take advantage of it if we see it as our strength. I did it mostly out of curiosity, but it turned out to be a precious meeting revealing unconscious patterns that I will now work on.

I loved the session with Razvan 🧡❤️ Combination of his skillfulness and enormous knowledge, together with his wisdom, kindness, and great ability to understand me as a human being made it a very unique experience, worth repeating and recommending to others 👌🤝👏 .

One session can reveal and bring to your consciousness more than you would even imagine. Here’s more info about Razvan: https://innersteering.com/en/ .

Give it a try and you will be amazed 🤩

Aniela Pankowska, coach, Poland
I met Răzvan at the CranioSacral Therapy courses. He is a special presence, which you can't help but notice and which inspired me from the very first moment of meeting him. I noticed his wisdom, attention, intelligence and openness to healing himself and others. A therapist full of attention, passion, openness, kindness, love and professionalism in what he does, and I felt the effect of all these in the therapies received from him. It was awesome! 🙂

I recommend him wholeheartedly, with joy and gratitude. Răzvan is a therapist who will be by your side with his whole being and whose presence will be a source of inspiration, healing and wisdom at a very deep level.

Daniela Maria S., therapist, Romania
Razvan is extraordinary, when he becomes a teacher, he fascinates you with the dedication and applicability of his knowledge. The Face Reading Technique (Al Ferasa) was instilled in me by him and later taught. A discussion with Razvan can reveal a lot to you and the fact that he can give you a direction, makes you go to him and ask him again and again; it is very reliable. By listening to him you can understand yourself, but also the others around you.

Deniz N.B, IT specialist, Romania
I met Razvan at a Craniosacral therapy course. During one of the breaks, when I found out about his face reading technique (Al Ferasa), I challenged him to read my face, more out of amusement, because, anyway, even riddles don't work out. At the end of the course, I spent an hour full of information about me, with discoveries and sincerity, as I have never seen myself.

This man was able to tell me everything I knew, but also everything I didn't know about myself. And those aspects that I hid in the deepest corners of my soul. With skill and a lot of gentleness, he led me inside me, showing me, in fact, with understanding, that what is seen on the face are not good or bad things, they are just facts. They are, part of our lives, they are what we have become over time.

I challenged him to tell me as much as possible, everything if possible, being more and more amazed to find that all was written on my face, by the way I contracted my facial muscles throughout time. He told me what is recent in my behavior, and even what turning points I had in life, including childhood, with their specific location on the time axis.

It was like a crowd of several psychotherapy sessions in one. And that's worth a lot! I learned more about myself than through many other therapies I went through. I was so impressed, delighted and I believe so much in this technique, which is not a guess, with secrets or obscure or esoteric things, but as rigorous, scientific as possible, that when I got home, I I started telling everyone about it. I really wanted to discover the "secrets" of Al Ferasa, so I gathered some friends and called Razvan to Iasi. What followed is easy to understand: curiosity as much as possible, faces everywhere (with or without masks!), Gratitude that you have the information and that you can better help others now (as a therapist). I recently found out that there are also counseling sessions in Al Ferasa. I'm not saying how eager I am to discover them, along with everything that lies in our path with this new method!

Beyond all this, I would like to thank Razvan. Besides the fact that he has the information and interprets the facial features very well, he finds exactly the words that best express the emotion / behavior, he is a well centered and balanced person, with a lot of understanding, gentleness, patience and compassion towards people / clients. it primarily inspires my confidence and makes me turn to him whenever I feel overwhelmed, including for Craniosacral therapy. I wholeheartedly recommend the man, the therapist, the technical and artistic part of it! Thank you, Razvan! Very, very much for everything!

Georgiana B., therapist, Romania
I had the joy of meeting Răzvan one evening with my boyfriend. Back then I did not intuit his power and dedication, but one day he opened the door to a world that supported me to be what I am now. He was with me in the transformative journey in which I rediscovered my happy being, full of the joy of living, in which I regained my balance. For me he is an example of perseverance, he always deepens what he learns and practices. In all the work we did together, I felt supported and encouraged to discover myself, and he did it very gently and carefully.

With much joy and confidence I recommend it to all those who want to start their journey to the heart!

Thanks Răzvan!

Ileana N., economist, Romania
I'm a skeptic by definition. I go through the filter of my own experience almost anything and I don't take anything good. A kind of Thomas the Unbeliever in the feminine. I was curious about craniosacral therapy and longed to see what it was like. Razvan guided me gently and empathetically throughout the therapy and managed to relieve me. I can't explain exactly what he did, but it seems relevant to me to say that I entered the office like a volcano, after a busy day and came out a totally different woman, more serene and radiant than I had been in a while. I really appreciated Razvan's willingness to explain to me the process, what is going to happen, what are the scientific mechanisms behind it. For me, it matters to understand what is happening, not just to feel.

Ana G., Human Resources Director, Romania
I started with Razvan, more than 5 years ago, in a fascinating, transformative journey, which totally changed my life and especially my perspective on it, all through the techniques that Razvan uses. This journey continues today. Major changes occurred in the symptoms I faced daily in my physical body (joints, neck, headaches, etc.) for more than 25 years, symptoms that affected my work, sports activities, periods of relaxation. I realized that all this suffering was the consequence of my belief system that led my life to a path I did not want to go but seemed inevitable. Meeting Razvan and his working methods is an honor and an opportunity, I rediscovered and regained my confidence in my own power to create my life as I really want, with all my heart, with all the strength and cohesion of intention. And that's what we can all do! Thank you Razvan for all your support and guidance. MUNAY

Serban B., IT Engineer, Romania
I met Razvan in team building. A colleague had a very swollen leg and was in great pain from horse fly bites, when Razvan asked him if he would allow him to try to help him. I found it a little strange what he was doing, but at the same time I was curious… .it seems to have had an effect for the moment, in the sense that he was no longer in such great pain, but nothing special so far. On the 2nd day, another colleague was not able to get out of bed and participate in organized activities, because the night before he had overdosed on drinking and was feeling very ill. He stayed in the room for half a day until again, Razvan asked him if he would allow him to help him. After about 20-30 minutes, in a very short time, therefore, he recovered and was able to participate in the afternoon activities. After this incident, I gained confidence in what Razvan was doing, although I didn't quite understand what he was doing. After a while, my father complained of very severe pain in his leg, in the calf area and could not move at all, not even around the house, he spent more time in bed, he being a very active person. I called Razvan for help and he accepted. After several sessions, my father recovered. I personally did not receive treatment from Razvan so I could tell something in this regard, but I felt it was worth trusting him and I was not wrong. He is ready to help, dedicated and involved in what he does, and most importantly, he always seeks to improve himself in order to help other people around him.

Alexe V., sales representative, Romania
Tremendous insight, the ability to hold the space and guide you with a lot of intuition and presence, to ask the right questions, gently and non-judgmentally. You feel safe exploring what appears in the therapeutic process and thus healing. In addition to the amazing revelations and awareness that he facilitated, I was also happy that the back pain that 'pushed' me to this special meeting disappeared after a few sessions. Razvan is a wonderful therapist, I feel lucky to have met him and I highly recommend him!

Augustina D., cadru didactic, Romania