Physiognomy Interpretation

interpretarea fizionomiei identifica un model comportamental

About Physiognomy Interpretation in 2 minutes


This technique analyses the face features and identifies a behaviour pattern based on the muscles, bones and other biochemical elements of the face. Thus, you can describe a person scientifically rigorous by taking into account his/her uniqueness, without labels, biases or use of predefined categories.

Thousands of years ago, the bedouins developed the capacity to understand the behaviour and personality of the people they interact with, just by analysing the face features. This knowledge was initially developed as a survival tool in the harsh desert conditions, but nowadays it has become an instrument available to anyone in the search of truth and balance.

Physiognomy is a combination of genetics and life experiences. These experiences reflected by thousands of unconscient movements of the face muscles in perfect accordance with our emotions and the way we perceive life. Our believes and personal perceptions, the experiences of the past and challenges of the present are all displayed on our physiognomy.

You are in the target audience if you focus on your personal development and you are:
  • Curious to better understand yourself
  • Keen to make a change by understanding your limitative perceptions and believes and their origins
  • Interested to discover that wrinkles and facial traits wrongly considered unaesthetic are in fact a mirror of your growth and your strengths and deserve your appreciation
  • Willing to understand the subtle links between your physiognomy and your way of being
or you work directly with clients in any of the below circumstances: 
  • Sales person to establish a better and faster rapport with customers
  • Therapist to read patients’ personality at a glance
  • Human Resources professionals to ensure candidate’s personality and skills match the written CV as well as the job profile, future colleagues and manager 
  • To understand yours’ and others’ thinking and behaviour patterns 
  • Your personality will be revealed in only one hour, with things you may and you may not know
  • You would become aware of the way you think, decide, act and how your perceptions and personal believes limit your perspective and growth
  • Hours of individual or supervised introspection might be condensed and revealed in just one session
  • The new perspective may allow you to look differently at you and the people around you
  • You may discover that there is no good or bad, but only an appropriate or inappropriate way to relate to you and others
Physiognomy Interpretation
50 EUR
  • 60 de minutes online
  • Identifies the way you think, decide, act, your behaviour patterns and their triggers
  • Uses a scientific approach based on the muscles, bones and biochemicals of your face
  • Stereotypes, labels and judgemental thoughts are excluded
  • Reveals subtle aspects of your personality
Physiognomy Interpretation
300 EUR
  • Consists of 12 hours of course, 2 hours of practice and course support
  • Learn the face features, shapes and dimensions and train your eyes and brain to recognize them
  • Associate face features with behaviour patterns
  • Learn to make basic interpretation of physiognomy
  • Succeed in better understand yourself and others, to position yourself differently and better communicate

If you are intrigued by how I managed to describe your personality just by looking at you and you are willing to go deeper, please subscribe to the course. I will let you know when is the new „Physiognomy Interpretation Foundation” course scheduled.

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