Integral Somatic Method – ISM

Integral Somatic Method in 2 minutes

The unpleasant behaviours revealed by your physiognomy are changed in a few steps, and after 3 months we re-check the achievements


Integral Somatic Method (ISM) is  based on an ancient Korean art that looks at the body, mind and soul as a whole in order to achieve the balance and harmony at all levels and in all aspects of our being. The balances comes from living in awareness every moment, with full peace and freedom, both inside and outside. In this way, we bring in our life happiness, health, love, and abundance, in complete accordance to our unlimited potential.

Sundao means in Korean the path of nature and humanity and it has been re-interpreted and updated for the modern times by Master Yu Jae-Sheen and his wife SooJin Kim. The current name is Integral Somatic Method (ISM). The abbreviation ISM stands for three meanings, two of them representing the ways of achieving the harmony and balance: 

  1. Integral Somatic Method– works on our physical, mental, emotional and energetical bodies through gentle and easy physical postures and movements, in order to release from our body the memory of our past, unpleasant experiences in order to get back our balance.
  2. Inner Space Meditation– represents the gateway to our Inner Space, by focusing our awareness to our every moment thoughts and sensations. The Inner Space represents the pure conscience that always chooses and guides us towards our wellbeing. By developing the awareness of our thoughts and sensations,  we free ourselves from our believes, our inefficient or harmful behaviours, or the pressure we  alone or others put on us.
  3. Inner Space Messages – represents the guidance and support that Inner Space offers to us, by sending us messages through all the senses in order to reveal our truth. The messages are always discrete, rather whispered no matter what representation is used: images, sounds, smells, tastes, tactile sensations or specific synchronicities. The more balanced and connected to ourselves we are, the more clear and vivid the messages are, regardless of how gentle and subtle the transmission is.
You are in the target audience if you want:
  • to overcome specific acute or chronicle problems in your personal and professional lives, related to your physical, mental and emotional health, harmful or inefficient behaviours and habits etc. Dedicated counselling session are proposed here.


  • To pursue a profound and authentic transformation, not just solving of individual personal or professional problems. Our proposal here is one of the dedicated transformational programs


  • To maintain your balance and handle the everyday stress and challenges. We propose here the practice of carefully chosen postures, movements and meditations.


  • Achieve wellbeing by balancing all aspects of your life: personal, professional, physical, mental and emotional health, finance, relationships etc.
  • Results are tangible and can be noticed by achieving very concrete states of wellbeing
  • Learning to live in alignment with your inner truth, inspired and guided, autonomous and not dependent on any methods, concepts or people
ISM Counselling
50 EUR
  • 50 minutes online with Integral Somatic Method
  • Uses the dialogue, guided meditation, somatic release
  • Solves physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems
  • Reduces the contrast between your life and your inner truth in order to release unbalances and sufferings
ISM Guided Practice
20 EUR
  • 45 minutes online with Integral Somatic Method
  • Uses light postures, movements and guided meditation
  • Maintains and enhances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance
  • Increased efficiency when used periodically
5 steps to a new paradigm
240 EUR
  • 5x50-minutes online sessions
  • Physiognomy Interpretation (1 session): identifies your perceptions, you behaviour patterns and their triggers
  • Integral Somatic Method (3 sessions): transforms the inadequate or inefficient behaviours
  • Physiognomy Re-Interpretation after 3 months (BONUS session): assesses the extent to which the new or adjusted behaviours have been mastered
6 weeks for the life you always wanted
300 EUR
  • 6 x 90-minutes online session with Integral Somatic Method + weekly homework
  • Uses light postures, movements and guided meditation
  • Increases the capacity to handle the daily life as well as exceptional situations
  • Releases limitative believes and perceptions
  • Restores the voice of your inner space and increases the sensitivity to its messages
  • Teaches you how to live in awareness and consciously the present moment with inspiration and courage

If you have any question, I am happy to answer it. I can also inform you of the scheduled ISM practices or ISM events conducted by  Master Yu.

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