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We are a complex combination of physical, emotional, mental and energetical bodies with subtle links and interferences between them. Carrying for each of these bodies represents the carrying for the whole that we are. In the same way we care about and act upon our physical body, it would be beneficial to care about our emotional and mental balance. Depending on how we think and act, no matter if we want or not, we attract the people and situations that resonate with us. This is why only if we take full responsibility of who we are and what happens to us and we act in accordance to our inner needs, we can become the true creator of our own life.

Happiness as a general state is the sum up of our inner states in each and every moments of our lives. Each inner state depends on the extent to which we live in full and sincere alignment with our inner truth. Any contrast between our inner space and the reality we live in is a potential source of physical, emotional or mental disturbance and suffering. In the same time, this contrast also represents an excellent opportunity for our growth and transformation. In this respect, our perceptions, decisions, thoughts and actions influence our health and balance.

Under these complex circumstances, the only authentic and sustainable approach is working out and solving the problems within us. This is way better than repairing what surrounds us, which is much more inefficient or impossible to do it. I am ready to offer my support in order to get you back in physical, mental, emotional and energetical shape, so that to live in awareness and in complete alignment with your inner truth.  But my effort and expertise are neither magical pills nor enough. Without your sincere commitment and willingness to uplift and balance yourself, my effort is at least inefficient if not a waste of time .

I would be happy to meet you. Please, share with me any thoughts and questions you may have.

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