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My name is Razvan Rudeanu and the present story started long time ago. Traveling through life, I have realised that: humans are complex beings with unlimited potential, what surrounds us is more than we can see and knowledge goes beyond books and courses. This understanding was followed by a long series of providential meetings and experiences from which I learnt a lot and helped me grow.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I started to search around and experience as much as possible various methods and techniques, hoping to find the philosopher’s stone: Reiki, Shamanic Medicine Wheel,  Munay Ki, Family Constellations, Meditation techniques, counselling, coaching, psychotherapy, Chinese medicine, Amazon indigenous people’ ceremonies, Holotropic breathing, martial arts, Sundao, Integral Somatic Method, CranioSacral Therapy, the Art and Science of Physiognomy Interpretation. For some of these methods and techniques I was just a client while for others I prepared myself to be a practitioner. I resonated with some of them while with others I was in contradiction. Some I practiced for a  short time, others longer, some were more scientific others more esoteric. After some thousand of hours of transformation, the result was an upgrade version of Razvan capable of sharing his knowledge and experience with others in order to support them in improving the quality of their lives.

On this path I met Master Yu, founder of ISM (Integral Somatic Method). I found in his workshops a mixture of light postures and physical movements combined with guided meditation and pragmatic, but wise lectures. Through my physical body I had access to subconscious and energetic levels of my being that were normally hidden, so that to release any limiting thoughts, opinions and believes in order live at my full potential. After these workshops, mine and other participants’ lives fundamentally changed. In addition, my inner search intensified and deepened in perfect harmony with my outer life.

CranioSacral Therapy was born in the ’70 in United States some thousands of years after the development of the Korean tradition which led to Integral Somatic Method. What the two have in common are: admitting the existence of cells memory that stores all our life experiences, the concept of somatization (when psychological concerns are converted into physical symptoms) and the somatization release (removing the unpleasant life experience memories from the cells) using specific technique and the self-healing capacity of the body. Intensive study and practice of Craniosacral Therapy, brought in my therapeutic toolbox a gentle but effective way to support others in achieving their physical and emotional balance.

After some years, a funny coincidence brought me a new discovery, the art and science of interpreting physiognomy. I thus learnt a logical and well documented instrument that explains people’ behaviours and their evolution in the society. With passion and curiosity, I studied and got a teaching licence for the foundation course. With each conducted training my teaching refined and in the same time, my face reading skills improved continuously.

Even though, after graduating university, I worked for many years in the IT industry, I have always been fascinated by the human nature and enjoyed a lot working with people. This is why I wanted to better understand myself and others. Thus, I have gradually made a transition to the therapies and techniques that I currently practice. I am a certified practitioner of CranipoSacral Therapy (CST1, CST2, SER1), facilitator and coach of Integral Somatic Method and a certified teacher in Physiognomy Interpretation.

Along with my professional career, searching to understand myself, was the starting point and leitmotiv of my life journey, as well as the entry ticket to some of the most beautiful life experiences. However, we are not able to fully understand ourselves. Life circumstances and the universe around us still remain a mystery from which we may discover some but never all aspects. Having said that, we can only be grateful without pretending that we know, and  live an authentic, sincere life gently governed by our inner truth. When we live in perfect sync with our inner space – inner steering– then we live at our greatest potential with enthusiasm.

My mission to help others has been born based on the above understanding, aiming for everyone to discover his or her potential and to choose their path in life perfectly aligned with their inner truth, free from anything that may hinder or not belong to them.

I would like to hear from you how you got to my website and let me know your expectations. I read all the messages and I reply promptly.

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