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I aim for everyone to discover his or her potential and to choose their path in life perfectly aligned with their inner truth, free from anything that may hinder or not belong to them. Therefore, I am ready to offer my support in order to get you back in physical, mental, emotional and energetical shape, so that to live in awareness and in complete alignment with your inner truth. But my effort and expertise are neither magical pills nor enough. Without your sincere commitment and willingness to uplift and balance yourself, my effort is at least inefficient if not a waste of time .

terapia craniosacrala are ca scop eliberarea tensiunilor din corp si a memoriei asociate lor.


The therapy session consists of very light touches of your body, while it lies down on the massage bed dressed with comfortable clothes, in order to release your body tensions and the associated emotional memories

metoda somatica integrala are scopul de a obtine echilibrul si armonia la toate nivelurile fiintei si in toate aspectele

Integral Somatic

It is based on an ancient Korean art that looks at the body, mind and soul as a whole in order to balance and harmonize the human being.

interpretarea fizionomiei identifica un model comportamental


This technique analyses the face features and identifies a behaviour pattern based on the muscles, bones and other biochemical elements of the face.


  • Very genuine, sincere, and caring, on top of that, he has a deep understanding of human nature. Highly recommended.🌟.

    SooJin K., Co-founder of Integral Somatic Method, South Korea

  • He analysed my personality and pointed to my life challenges with weary accuracy. His accuracy is seeing the true you and pointing out your struggles ...

    Khalid A.M., general practitioner, Saudi Arabia

  • I loved the session with Razvan. Combination of his skillfulness and enormous knowledge, together with his wisdom, kindness, and great ability to understand me as a human being made it a very unique experience...

    Aniela Pankowska, coach, Poland

  • A therapist full of attention, passion, openness, kindness, love and professionalism in what he does, and I felt the effect of all these in the therapies received from him. It was awesome! ...

    Daniela Maria S., therapist, Romania

  • By listening to him you can understand yourself, but also the others around you. ...

    Deniz N.B., IT specialist, Romania

  • It was like a crowd of several psychotherapy sessions in one. And that's worth a lot! I learned more about myself than through many other therapies I went through. ....

    Georgiana B., therapist, Romania

  • He was with me in the transformative journey in which I rediscovered my happy being, full of the joy of living, in which I regained my balance. ...

    Ileana N., economist, Romania

  • I was curious about craniosacral therapy and longed to see what it was like. Razvan guided me gently and empathetically throughout the therapy and managed to relieve me. ...

    Ana G., Human Resourses Director, Romania

  • Major changes occurred in the symptoms I faced daily in my physical body (joints, neck, headaches, etc.) for more than 25 years, symptoms that affected my work, sports activities, periods of relaxation. I realized that all this suffering was the consequence of my belief system ...

    Serban B., IT engineer, Romania

  • He is ready to help, dedicated and involved in what he does, and most importantly, he always seeks to improve himself in order to help other people around him..

    Alexe V., Sales Representatives, Romania

  • The back pain that 'pushed' me to this special meeting disappeared after a few sessions. Razvan is a wonderful therapist, ...

    Augustina D., teacher, Romania

About me

My name is Razvan Rudeanu and this story started long time ago. Traveling through life, I have realised that humans are complex beings, with unlimited potential, what surrounds us is more than we can see and knowledge goes beyond books and courses. This understanding was followed by a long series of providential meetings and experiences from which I learnt a lot and helped me grow.



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